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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Meet the 21st Century CFL...Not Just a Back Up for NFL Fans

(We'd like to introduce our new intern, Michael Jennings.  Mike brings his considerable skills and talents to the team as demonstrated here with his coverage of the CFL.  Stay tuned for more as Mike covers the CFL, NFL, and other professional football leagues...and whatever else we throw at him.  Please show him some love!)

This weekend was a reminder of what being a CFL fan into the young decade means. Seeing Anthony Calvillo continue to put up video game-esque numbers, and a reminder that the defending Grey Cup champs BC are still in the building were on the menu last weekend. Also the Rough Riders beat a West team and, with defense like that of a gang green sort to boot. But most of all week 2 of the 2012 season will be remembered as one of salutations and honors for Geroy Simon, the CFL's newly crowned receiving yards king.

Geroy and the Lions have been like bread and butter, a player and his team so entwined together in both individual and collective success that the thought of one begets the other.  The 36 year old receiver has passed up legend Allen Pitts in his quest to be called Canada's G.O.A.T., that's Greatest Of All Time, and he has done it fabulously. Congrats G-Man on your success as well as your son's recent commitment to play football for the Army Black Knights.

Now back to Anthony Calvillo, NKA (now known as) Mr. Ridiculous. The 3-time Grey Cup Champion threw for over 400 yards adding to an already spectacular resume that has him named PRO football's all-time leading passer, the all-time CFL TD pass champ and CFL completions leader. Eat your heart out Brett Favre.  Calvillo threw for over 400 yards, with 2 touchdowns through the air to add to his first place status, along with a completion percentage of almost 80%!! Sick.  All that's to be said about that performance is WTF,OMG, SMH and all the rest of our three letter acronyms for WOW used in the future; the future which is now.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the league is potentially on the precipice of something huge. The sudden influx of "non-traditional" QBs into the American football scene is a potential windfall for the CFL. Quarterbacks that in the past were frequently turned into DBs and receivers as soon as their feet hit college soil, are now being taken more seriously as true QBs and given a shot at running the offense-even guys less than 6 feet tall. In short, this means more quarterbacks=less places to put them=more talent in the CFL.

The league has for years utilized smaller signal callers, and successfully so. The Fluties and Calvillos of the world will only multiply in number as the spread offense and America's need for a mobile quarterback to run it continues to grow.  Not that those guys were spread quarterbacks, because they weren’t, but they were and are non-prototypical passers.  So take heed Northerners and get back to the future.  

Last but not least, congratulations to Saskatchewan and that defensive front in all green for their dominating win Sunday evening.  Signing off, TPG CFL style.  Blam!

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