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Friday, May 18, 2012

In the Dirt With...Hollis Thomas

Hollis Thomas with ASI PR Dir Korinne Jackman,
ASI client "Super Phan" Shaun Young, and ASI CEO Bill Mattis
at JT Brewski's Pub in Primos, PA

When you're six feet tall and weigh 350 pounds, it's not hard to get recognized.  You don't NEED facial piercings or mega bling to make people look at you.  You pretty much get noticed wherever you go.

Hollis Thomas played nine years for the Philadelphia Eagles and five more years with other teams in the NFL.  His work was not the "glamorous type" where you score touchdowns and get your face on the scoreboard all game like a running back or quarterback.

Most of the time, Hollis was trying to make sure he didn't swallow the dirt that was kicked in his face at the bottom of the pile.  He was a blue collar worker in a city that qualifies itself as nothing but a blue collar working town.

Naturally, the fans love the big guy and it's got nothing to do with the jewelry.

"That's just me being me.  I'm just having fun.  That's the kind of guy I am and I'm not going to change because people think I should be more serious."  The quote from Hollis tells the whole story.  Hollis is just being Hollis, and that's what the Philly people seem to like about him.

Philadelphia sports fans are about to get a "whole lot of Hollis Thomas" very soon!

Hollis and Sports Radio 610WIP have reached an informal, verbal agreement for Hollis to join the on-air staff starting sometime likely in July when the Eagles begin training camp in Lehigh.

ASI Clients Hollis Thomas and Shaun Young with
JT Brewski's Pub owners Johnny Bastian and Tom Smith
In addition to a few shifts each week from the studio, Hollis will be out on location quite a bit.  That's where Hollis is at his best....rubbing elbows with the public and having fun.

You will likely see Hollis on TV in the fall as well.  There is no deal in place at the moment, but it's likely just a matter of time.

This weekend Hollis is helping out fellow Eagles alumni Ron Jaworski at his charity golf event in Atlantic City on Sunday, May 20th and Monday, May 21st.  When asked about his golfing skills Hollis responded, "I'm a good putter, but that's about it.  I usually let my teammates take all of my other shots 'cause I have no idea where I'm going to hit it."

Be sure to stay tuned to the AllStarInc website and Facebook page for more news about Hollis and where you can come see him and say hello.

In case you've never met him, he's the REALLY BIG guy with the REALLY BIG smile....oh yeah, and some bling!

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